Machine Gun Optics


The pride of GRD Dot Sights for Machine Guns
GRD’s dot sight for machine guns now provides a wider field of vision that enables shooters to take aim rapidly with both eyes open observing moving targets with outstanding efficiency from varied vehicle platforms. With our adjustable reticle go from night vision settings to daylight with the turn of a knob.

GRD’s products have a built-in trajectory compensation mechanism specific to different platforms to calibrate trajectory accurately and ensure one shot, one kill in its truest sense. This unique dot sight solution reduces training time, and improved accuracy cuts the consumption of ammunition.

DCL Series Machine Guns Dot Sights
DCL Series consists of models applicable to all types of machine guns for military applications.  Our design ensures rapid, hassle-free response to a variety of situations.

Model DCL100, DCL110, DCL120, DCL401 Dot Sight
One of the most noteworthy features of DCL series is that shooters can observe the area around a target, take aim at the same time with both eyes maintaining adequate distance from sights with immunity from the strong recoil and shock of the machine gun.
The built-in trajectory compensation mechanism improves accuracy in proportion to the distance from target. (200 m ~ 2,000 m Target Shooting).