Red Dot Reflex Optics

Unlike conventional optics, a red dot reflex site uses a small dot illuminated by a LED with a non-magnification lens that allows a shooter to aim the target with both eyes open. D.I. Optical’s red dot sights allow two different shooters to use the same optic which will have the same zero point immediately, no re-zeroing required.

Physical Endurance

Our optics have been tested in the lab and proven in combat.  D.I. Optical’s optics meet or exceed the physical endurance requirements of  military  forces throughout the world.  Each D.I. Optical sight is CNC machined from a solid block of 6061-T6 quality aircraft aluminum, then Type III hard anodized to military specifications.


Technical Tests “Qualifying Mil-STD 810E Environment test”


  • Low pressure for altitude testing
  • Exposure to high & low temperatures
  • Rain, leakage
  • Humidity, fungus, salt fog for rust testing
  • Vibration / Impact Test
  • Elevation Test
  • Explosive atmosphere
  • Sand and dust exposure

Dot Sights for Machine guns

Model Light Machine Guns Heavy Machine Guns AGL
5.56 mm 7.62 mm 12.7 mm 20 mm 25 / 30 mm 40 mm
DCL120 M145 M2HB Cannon Cannon
DCL110 Mini, K3 M240, M60 .50 CAL M168 Y MK19
DCL100 Mini, K3 M240, M60 Y Y Y Y
DCL401 MK 19, AGL

Technical Specifications

Model DCL100 DCL110 DCL120 DCL401
Designated Weapons Light Machine Guns Heavy Machine Guns Heavy Machine Guns Auto Grenade Launcher
NATO 5.56 mm,7.62 mm (M249, M240) NATO 12.7 mm, 7.62 mm (M2HB, M60D, MG3) NATO 12.7 mm, 7.62 mm (M2HB w/Platform on Helicopter, K6) NATO 40 mm AGL (MK19, K4, GMG40)
Optical Data
Reflex, Collimator System Y Y Y Y

Virtually Parallax Free –

No Centering/Re-Zeroing Required

Unlimited Eye-Relief Y Y Y Y
Red Dot Size / Circle Size (MOA) 3/35 3/35 3/35 3/35
Field of View (FOV) 64.6m / 200m 85m / 200m 96m / 200m 80m / 200m
Objective Lens (mm) 45 x 31 85 x 55 120 x 70 85 x 55
Anti Reflex Coating (All Surfaces) Y Y Y Y
Magnification 1x 1x 1x 1x


Intellectual Properties

Patents Invention Dot Sights & 7 Others
Design DCL 120 and 19 others
Certficates International ISO 9001: 2000ISO 14001: 2004CE and 7 others
Domestic Venture enterprise Promising enterprise, and 5 others

The Viewing Angle of DCL110


Our DCL-110 is designed with a single lens that provides an extremely wide field of view improving situational awareness: 25° at 30.4 cm


Shorter eye relief allows the shooter to have wider and increased viewing angle (10° increased angle at 10 cm close).


By moving shooter’s head to the left and right, the viewing angle reaches wider, about 38°, and allows the shooter to have an even wider field of view.

Wide FOV (Field Of View)



Advantage of wide FOV

  • Harder to lose a moving target
  • Ability to engage the target faster
  • Greater situational awareness

Unlimited Eye Relief



  • No Magnification
  • Unlimited Eye Relief
  • See the focal plane at any distance with both eyes open

Trajectory Compensator


Accurate aiming for pin-point shooting.

High Recoil Forces


Springs absorb the shock of every round and bring the sight back to the original position.

Zeroing Sight


Elevation Adjustment Screw

Windage Adjustment Screw

Set the Range knob at 200m

Red Dot Brightness Adjustment

Turn the Brightness/OFF switch clockwise to select the reticle brightness level, from 3 night vision, 3 twilight and 5 daylight settings.



1 vs 1.5 ~ 2.0 Magnification

X 1 (No Magnification Lens)

With its wide field of view, a shooter can respond quickly to rapidly changing situations.2x MagnificationIn shooting the long distance target in 300 m or farther, 2x magnification lens has comparative advantage against a no magnification lens.Analysis of shooting range in real combat situation using rifles.

– Percentage of Shooting at less than 250 m range > 85 %- Percentage of Shooting at less than 350 m range > 88 %- Percentage of Shooting between 250 m and 350 m range > ONLY 3 % !

Item X 1 X1.5 ~ X2.0
Prompt Response ×
Shooting Accuracy ×
FoV ×
Eye Relief ×
Incompatibility with Surroundings ×
Less Reticle shaking on the objective lens while aiming ×
Early Flexibility ×
Easy Aiming of Long Distance Target ×
Result Better